Genre Afrobeat
City Blantyre
Country Malawi


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Shomario is an Afro Pop musician and started music when he was in primary school at St Mary’s boys in Karonga district. Then continued music when he went to secondary school and college. He is now a Blantyre based artist. Shomario is an artist who preaches the word of love. The self-acclaimed Afro Pop artist can heal wounds of love. He got inspired with the music of the late Evision Matafale. He used to enjoy his music until he got the drive into music. Shomario has not worked with any big artist so far and it’s in his plans to have collaborations with them. He thinks that exposing himself should be the first plan to achieve. The stylish Afro Pop musician has a lot of songs under his name. He has so far recorded many songs and has plans of releasing his first album next year of which some of the songs to be included has already been released. The plan will go hand in hand with the release of videos. The artist has so far released songs like “Lavidaloca” one of the love song produced by Tricky Beatz. There is also another track going by the tittle “Ndizakukondabe” which he collaborated with a friend DOMECA and it was produced by Manuel Maweha at sound system record. His tracks are already enjoying airplay on some radio stations. Most of his tracks have been produced by Tricky Beatz, one of the well-known producer in the country. The artist believe that a musician should always release tracks and should never get tired.
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Lavida Locca
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Added on 21 June 2019
Released 2018
Format MP3
Type Single
N discs 1
Genre Afrobeat


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