Spirit Culture (Thini and Khattaz)
Genre Afro Soul
City Lilongwe
Country Malawi


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Thini (real name Martin Chirwa) is a rap artist who is driven by the passion of taking the gospel to the nations. He not only has a fresh rap creative mind, but he is also talented when it comes to playing the drums, Piano, bass guitar and rhythm guitar. He also offers Music Theory lessons from time to time. Thini who is under the direction of spirit culture has so far done a couple of Gospel rap songs in collaboration with other Spirit culture artists as well other Gospel Artists Like TNO, Faith Kays and Adroit. Still in his early 20’s Thini acknowledges that this is only the dawn of his career and the light can only get brighter from here. ”I consider music as the expression of the resonances of nature’s heart itself.” Apart from personal projects, Thini is also currently working on a mixtape with the Futuristic Afro Soul Artist Khattaz. We should expect nothing less than Introspective, creative and heartfelt music which reflects the power of God’s word in addressing the issues facing a young man in this present age. Khattaz (Real name Ron Lifikilo) is futuristic Afro Soul Artist who is not only a talented music writer and composer but a guitar player who is motivated by the desire to conserve the rich African Sound with its local and unexaggerated elements. Generating mesmerizing melodic guitar sounds is not the only Talent God has blessed him with, he is also an anointed vocalist who finds gratification in serving God with his raw voice. He believes that there is more that the Afro/Soul genre can offer to the musical Industry due to its wide musical floatation that is not limited by the constraints of the contemporary genre. Khattaz has a successful Musical career under the direction of Spirit Culture. This dashing songster has a couple of rap songs and afro/soul tunes in his repertoire. “To love the Afro/soul genre is to be one with the harmonies that soul is constantly trying to externalize. This is why I find being an Afro Soul genre as not only being, but being true to my artistic nature”. Khattaz is currently cooking up a mixtape with Thini which will be produced by Substance Music.
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Spirit Culture (Thini and Khattaz)
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Added on 16 August 2017
Released 2017
Format MP3
Type Single
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Label Spirit Culture
Genre Gospel


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