Angosakhana Okha - Sungununu Crew -

Sungununu Crew - Angosakhana Okha

Sungununu Crew

Sungununu Crew - Angosakhana Okha

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Song name : Angosakhana Okha
Artist name : Sungununu Crew
Album name : Angosakhana Okha
Length : 03:07
Genre : Hip Hop
Size : 2.2Mb
Added on : 2014-07-16 16:24:55
Played : 9547

DL: 5064 times

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"Angosakhana Okha" is song from Sungununu’s First album "Miyambi" to be released late 2014.

It is a modified version of a childhood song sang by kids (girls) during chitelela.

Sungununu features a nice kid voice on the hook which goes like "Angosakhana okha, ife sakutisankha" So as to preserve the original feel of the song and bring back fresh memories to the audience.

The song is all about being against all forms of discrimination against one another because of Gender, politics, religion, social and Economic status of people, HIV aids and the list goes on.

The song then promotes equal opportunities to all, job opportunities, education, Heath etc.


Sungununu 2014.

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