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Recently added songs

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Jane Maisie Jane Maisie - Ground Of Miracles
Ground Of Miracles (Gospel)
Achina Chimzy Achina Chimzy - Macheza (Prod by DJ OK & Jayphane)
Macheza (Hip Hop)
Achina Chimzy Achina Chimzy - Kumaphusha
Kumaphusha (Hip Hop)
G-Das G-Das - Shalala ft Flabagasto (Prod by Taktic)
Shalala (Afrobeat)
Dada Sattoh  Dada Sattoh - Original (Prod. Jay Emm & Tonicity)
Original (Dancehall)
Mwalabu Beibeh Mwalabu Beibeh - Ndilore ft Shy Zee Prod. IP Records)
Ndilore (Afrobeat)
Gibo-M Gibo-M - Amapopa (Prod. Chawa Beats)
Amapopa (Hip Hop)
S-Boy S-Boy - Siizi Lero ft Bucci [B-Street Music] (Prod. S-Boy)
Siizi Lero (Hip Hop)
Jafrican Rootsi Jafrican Rootsi - Kwathu Nkonkuno (feat. Trumel)
Kwathu Nkonkuno (Reggae)
Phil Kay Phil Kay - Hello ft Zay Cee
Hello (Afrobeat)

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