Genre Rap
City Lilongwe
Country Malawi


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Pope K. Mzumara II (born 25 June, 1994), professionally known by his stage name K-flux, is a Malawian artist, rapper and songwriter. He is an up and coming artist with a guaranteed spot in the industry.Life and careerCurrently based in Malawi, where he was born and raised, in Lilongwe the capital cityto be more specific. K-flux started his career as a young boy picking out pieces in the Bible’s “Song of songs” to use as lyrics when practicing his delivery and flow and improved with time. Later in the years he became friends with Tsar Leo(Leo Siwale) who became a very good friend and motivation music wise, recorded his first single with him titled “What If,” a song full of questions to a woman from his man asking if she would still be able to love him even in the worst conditions.K-flux is a former member of a music groupcalled B-dubs(Black Wizdom) that was thensigned under Verbal Slaughter inc and comprised of himself, Tsar Leo, Tactics, D-train(late), Roc Boi and Spotless T, all of them being good childhood friends. As a group they put out a string of singles that were never really promoted by their label in anyway untill the group started to bread apart as artist left the label. K-flux stayed a little more with the label hoping for a bighter day that never really came. Then in 2015, close to the end of the year, he recorded the song Am Up, the song was recorded at TWB records and produced by King Duda, it has gotten a lot of positive reaction since it wasreleased and shared across social networksand played on the radio, the song is his latest as of now and he says a video is to be shot soon with the help of Cine City Media. That doesn’t mean he is just idle though.K-flux is currently working with ULMV, a recording studio where he has recorded a few more singles that haven’t been released yet and is soon to start working onan Ep with seven0more the producer. Up to date K-flux has worked with producers like Venom, Martin Angelz, King Duda, seven0more, Dj flick, Rayfane and Salem. He has worked with artists like Leo, Tida Case, Rayfane, Venom, Young LT and Spotless to mention a few. Now coming hard to flood the industry with his music.
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Added on 24 November 2017
Released 2017
Format MP3
Type Single
N discs 1
Genre Hip Hop


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