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Recently added songs

Details Votes
Dan Lu Dan Lu - Winanso Ayi (Prod. Rockers Records)
Winanso Ayi (Afro-Pop)
Mr Born Richie Mr Born Richie - Mbiri Yanga
Mbiri Yanga (Reggae)
Guntolah Guntolah - Usakaike (Prod. Mush & Moon Beats)
Usaiwale (Afrobeat)
Drew Jessie Drew Jessie - Sourcer
Sourcer (Hip Hop)
Chims Chims - SAEFH (Sadness, Anger, Emotions, Faith & Healing) ft Mada Elle
SAEFH (Hip Hop)
Foozy Manner Foozy Manner - Chisoni (Prod. Special Dee & PostNegative)
Chisoni (Afrobeat)
K-Jee K-Jee - Temwa ft Wizba (Prod. Uncle Jacko)
Temwa (Afrobeat)
Skeffa Chimoto Skeffa Chimoto - Mundikonda
Masomphenya (Local)
Wikise Wikise - Kanda (Prod. Taff Beats & Jk Warrior)
Kanda (Afrobeat)
Deezy Deezy - Ulemu Sikugwada (Prod. by Rargie)
Singles (Afro-Pop)