Genre Dancehall
City Lilongwe
Country Malawi


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Cuthbert Wonderful Joya otherwise known as “Cuff B” in the music circles, was born at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital in Blantyre City, Malawi. He originally hails from Chiradzulu District but currently lives in Malawi’s capital city, Lilongwe. Cuff B is a music producer as well as the founder/proprietor of Big Vision Entertainment, a stable housing some of the fastest rising artists in Malawi. Growing up, Cuff B used to be a frequent music critic. Whenever he listened to any song, he always thought of ways he could have made each piece of the recording better if he were behind the production. It is such zeal that urged him to grow an interest and passion in music, subsequently becoming a music producer. His early influences were Dr Dre and Jon Bellion, music producers he still holds in high esteem to this very date. CAREER HIGHLIGHTS A lover of up-tempo beats, Cuff B’ first acclaimed hit was a house single titled “Umatenga Mtima” a track he produced for his old crew called “Piri Piri”. He gradually fell in love with reggae and dancehall music, genres he got introduced to through his frequent interaction with ProVoice and NesNes. The two introduced him to riddims and no sooner did he begin producing his own. Till date, NesNes and ProVoice continue putting their vocals on Cuff B productions. In 2013, The Nation newspaper declared Cuff B “the fastest rising music producer of 2013” a feat that did not just come out of the blue but it was due to his labour and dedication. In the following years, Cuff B released three critically acclaimed riddims namely; Love Chemistry Riddim, Rain Drops Riddim and Table Salt Riddim. The projects featured Malawian and international artists such as Malinga Mafia, NesNes, ProVoice, Lady Flame and Bencil Clickstar among others. Working with such respectable artists helped Cuff B to get recognition in the industry. Through the riddims, he also provided a platform to several up and coming artists. Through Big Vision Entertainment, Cuff B has worked and produced for a number of big stars in Malawi and international superstars like Nyanda of the Jamaican duo Brick ‘n’ Lace among others. He has produced chart topping records that have rocked Malawian airwaves and beyond. Most notably, Cuff B has produced hit singles such as “Chidodo”, “It’s Not Fair” and “Chonchi” by NesNes; “Angellina” by Dali; “Njibwa Rmx” by DJ Boo; “Pokopoko” and “Love Fever” by ProVoice; and “Udziwe” by Kell Kay featuring Barry One, Wangongole by Janta. Having taken a break from releasing music as he was busy setting up and improving his studio, Cuff B has just returned with a brand new project dubbed “Heartless Riddim” featuring Malawian arists only. Among other artists, Cuff B has featured Saint and Kelvin Sings, artists he has never worked with before but have had a tremendous impact on the local scene in recent times. The riddim also features Trizza C, the only female artist on the project who is also highly affiliated to Big Vision Entertainment. On top of being one of Malawi’s highly sought after producers, Cuff B also has a full time daily job and manages to balance both careers perfectly. He says knowing what to prioritise first comes in handy. He loves music to the core that he says: “Music is my life, whosoever comes to set me and music apart cannot be my friend.”
Albums (4)
Songs (17)
Real Love
Songs 4 Comments 0
Added on 22 January 2013
Released 2013
Format MP3
Type CD
N discs 1
Genre House
Love Chemistry Riddim
Songs 10 Comments 0
Added on 13 July 2015
Released 2015
Format MP3
Type CD
N discs 1
Label Big Vision Entertainment
Genre Dancehall
Big Summer Riddim
Songs 7 Comments 0
Added on 08 December 2017
Released 2017
Format MP3
Type Single
N discs 1
Genre Dancehall
The Don
Songs 1 Comments 0
Added on 04 February 2019
Released 2019
Format MP3
Type Single
N discs 1
Label Big Vision Entertainment
Genre Dancehall


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