Cozizwa and 2Kay
Genre Gospel
City Lilongwe
Country Malawi
Years active 2015 to date


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Cozizwa and 2Kay are a Lilongwe based duo of gospel artists who have teamed up to spread the word of GOD through music. The two are releasing a project by the name Zozizwa Tape, which will comprise of different traditional genres fused with hip-Hop. The project is due in September 2017.
Albums (2)
Songs (7)
Cozizwa and 2Kay
Songs 3 Comments 0
Added on 29 June 2016
Released 2016
Format MP3
Type Single
Genre Gospel
Zozizwa Tape
Cozizwa and 2Kay
Songs 4 Comments 0
Added on 30 December 2016
Released 2017
Format MP3
Type Mixtape
Genre Rap


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