Big Phil

Big Phil

Genre : Afrobeat
City : Lilongwe
Country : Malawi

Big Phil is a Malawian Artist and producer, currently studying Sound Engineering and Music Technology in South Africa. Having started making music in 2017, Big Phil's sound has been improving ever since. As an artist, his goal is to make music that is relatable and will provide comfort for those going through a tough times. Big Phil embodies a unique sound that blends Afrobeats, R&B and Hip Hop, with help from his producer Ab-Dul who is always kept company by his tagline “Ab-Dul with the sauce”. The duo seem to share a fruitful understanding that has birthed 7 Projects with PHASES being the latest installment. Those familiar with Big Phil's sound familiarize him with Heartbreak anthems and melodies that carry messages of love and affection, but in PHASES he proves to be more than we know him for. PHASES is a projection of Love, Affection, Grief and Healing. A journey into the artists personal life. Big Phil is the type of artist that understands the importance of connecting with listeners and as such, he works to leave listeners with a message to contribute to their outlook on life, with the 12,000 spotify streams providing witness to this. 2022 for Big Phil includes plans of releasing music videos with some of his favorite Malawian artists, namely: QUEST, ACHINA GATTAH ASE and EPISODZ to name a few. A lineup that is testament to the growth of the young artist. Safe to say Big Phil is one to look out for in 2022.


Banja Limatha
# of songs : 1
Genre : Afrobeat
Year : 2022
Type : Single
Country : MW


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