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We've had so many leaders, many have deceived us
We are still hurting inside father God please heal us
bring us close as one so nothing will ever tear us
dont let others abuse us, let them fear us
leave us fearless of all the other continents
cos she can be as great as they can, its all down to us
give her the stream of confidence to have the dominance
and be the prophetess because the profit is bottomless
She is not hopeless she is so blessed
So help her posses the power to progress
They say they're investing but they're infesting us
with the wicked wild west but we dont notice
We are her children are different, yes we are diverse
Can you feel her pain does she need die first?
Who will be the first to stand up among us and dive first?
or are we willing fear to take over us and die of thirst?
Chorus x2
I pledge my allegiance to you
and promise to ever be true
cos you are my africa
and I pray to God that he'll be blessing you
Verse 2 (Excess)
its been a long time coming, a long mile running
going up,we keep dashing but we're always found drowning
Africa,a better place, way back my mind flashing
its been hard making this wine but now they're wine splashing
they're too blind, they never see we're crashing
they're mind is on the money, yea they always want the cash in
coz money is bringing power, and power abusin others
tho we're hoping for the best, africa is turning sour
so God, restore this foundation
remove the evil deeds, make a newly found nation
u'r the answer, u'r the right combination
we're hoping for a better future, better generation
africa, we're building her stamina
dont forget we're the warm heart, we pump life in her
holding hands and uniting, thats the formula
am praying everyday, God bless Africa.
Chorus x4
I pledge my allegiance to you
and promise to ever be true
cos you are my africa
and I pray to God that he'll be blessing you


Aycee James, Excess

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