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Henry Czar Henry Czar - BBC (Prod. Dj Brown)
BBC (Hip Hop)
Waxy Kay Waxy Kay - Mbali Yanga Ya Mdima (Prod. OOPS & Jay Emm)
Mbali Yanga Ya Mdima (Hip Hop)
Sir Jent Kago Sir Jent Kago - Real (Prod. Jokala Records)
Real (Dancehall)
Phyzix Phyzix - The Woman ft Tarill
The Woman (Hip Hop)
Khama Khwiliro Khama Khwiliro - Testimony ft AB Malinga (Prod. OBK)
Testimony (Gospel)
Urunji Urunji - Ndaotcha Chokolora
Chihema (The Arena Of Grace & Power) (Gospel)
Urunji Urunji - You Love Me More
Chihema (The Arena Of Grace & Power) (Gospel)
Urunji Urunji - Chihema
Chihema (The Arena Of Grace & Power) (Gospel)
Chris Matekenya Chris Matekenya - Mudzawafuna ft Evance Meleka (Prod. Mindworks)
Mudzawafuna (Gospel)
Reuben Matiti Reuben Matiti - Olungama
Olungama (Gospel)

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