Genre Reggae
City Lilongwe
Country Malawi


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Chiozo is a musical experience that leaves people feeling positive and happy. The purpose of his music is to liberate physically, spiritually and in everyway possible. His music is as versatile as there are diffrent styles. Chiozo will never want to be categorised and will always come with something tha people dont expect him to cme up with.

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Bandera Wa Chiyao Bandera Wa Chiyao - Liganga (Prod. Youngcon)
Liganga (Afrobeat)
BKtens BKtens - Ndikuyamika
Pompo (Gospel)
BKtens BKtens - Bktens & Shaban - Love Again
Pompo (Gospel)
BKtens BKtens - As We Grow ft Kinta Louis
Pompo (Gospel)
BKtens BKtens - Mukubwera
Pompo (Gospel)
BKtens BKtens - Loto
Pompo (Gospel)
BKtens BKtens - Kodzola
Pompo (Gospel)
BKtens BKtens - Friday Night
Pompo (Gospel)
BKtens BKtens - Pompo
Pompo (Gospel)
BKtens BKtens - Born Again
Pompo (Gospel)

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