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(Intro) Di gyal dem, Follow me like IG/ If A no me, one of my G's/ Every gyal wanna sidung pun di long pipe/ Sit'n weh tight oh yes she's the don's type/ --------Verse One------ If the don A no me, tell me who else? Me didn't learn fi bad,My badness inbuilt/ Me dawgs dem ever strap dat no seat belt/ One time me badness in built/ (Choe!) Man A don like Pablo Escobar/ Bank book fat, like di whola Eco Bank/ Lyrics weh sharp chop dem up like cane cutter/ When we say me ting lit dat no candle light/ -------------(Chorus)-------- Styles like these, A mek di gyal dem love me/ When dem see me yeh dem bawl fi touch me/ Rhymes like these, the Way me sidung pon di riddim, Every producer wanna voice me/ Guns like these Make di bad bwoys rate me/ When me buss it mek fasci cry please/ Styles like these, A just styles like these, the girls love styles like these ----------------------------------- (Verse Two) Every tune weh me drop it A cause abagga chaos/ Unuh see me pon di stage yeh smaddy did pay us/ We bad anyway, not even cops cyaa scare us/ Man A Badman fi sure! we no soft like wares/ (Softwares) Di truth me a telelele Skill like pelelele Kutali akagwelelele Anawa ndi njelelele Like buju dem wan me in jailelele (Jail) But Di streets weh me stay deh deh deh/ Imforma no stay deh deh deh/ Malawi to Zim we Affi mek di link dawg/ top hustler me all about di income/ We nuh loo we nuh play Gangsta we nuh do ping pong/ Dea inna history books like Mwenemutapa Kingdom/ (Repeat Chorus) (Verse Three) Incase you didn't know Malinga me name man A bad fi sure/ Link every promoter who lock di store/ King of di North like say me john Snow/ Dancehall Defender Luke Shaw/ Man A Clipper/ Di bwoy dem A baby gi dem a baby seater/ My heart so cold yeh me need a couple heater/ Roll out inna benz wid A fat mamacita/ (A fat mamacita) Back to Intro (Chorus x2)


Malinga Mafia

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Archaida Boss Malinga Mafia jumps on a Zimbabwe riddim done by Trinnie Beatz of Bigyaadz Music.
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