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Don Tarz Don Tarz - Kuno Ndi Uko (Prod. Videlio)
Kuno Ndi Uko (Dancehall)
Ace Oji Ace Oji - They Wish ft Tsar Leo (Prod. King Duda)
They Wish (Hip Hop)
Cordis Voice Cordis Voice - Merciful God
Merciful God (Gospel)
Slessor Slessor - Channel O Freestyle
Channel O Freestyle (Hip Hop)
Laulent Maxon John Laulent Maxon John - Dziko Landida
Dziko Landida (Local)
Doncriss Doncriss - Munditetezere Ft Drobizo (Prod. Doncriss)
Munditetezere (Reggae)
H-Dow  H-Dow - [Jay Erl Ft H-Dow & Amyraan] - Big Dreams (Prod. Jay Erl)
Big Dreams (Hip Hop)
Jamaica Mw Jamaica Mw - Strong ft Nepman
Strong (Afrobeat)
Best Cee Best Cee - Ndikudikirabe (Prod. Jay Emm & Raj Records)
Ndikudikirabe (Afrobeat)
The Wise Brothers The Wise Brothers - Chimwemwe (Prod. Manifest)
Chimwemwe (Gospel)

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