Nyaka Dust
Genre Rap
City Lilongwe
Country Malawi


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Nyaka Dust is an Area 25, Lilongwe based rapper and upcoming activist born Connex Chimwala on 15 July 1995. He grew up in the ghetto and was therefore influenced to start rapping by the problems which he saw and encountered in the ghetto. For an iconic figure, Nyaka Dust was influenced by gangster-rapper Phyzix with his 2006 hit song "Cholapitsa" but did not make it to the studio booth until in 2012 when he recorded his first single "Nyapala"; an emulation of Phyzix' "Cholapitsa". He then went on to record other singles such as" Feel My Hip-hop" (2013), " Sindine Fifty" (2014),,"Kwacha" (2015) and "Listen Up"(2016) and many other songs which he compiled into a mixtape called "MEDITATIONS". Nyaka Dust is currently working on his album " Nyaka Dust n'CHIMWALA" and he is also aiming to further his Child Rights protection by establishing an organization which will be known as Youngstar Empowerment and Rehabilitation Network (YEARN).The name 'Nyaka' was given to him on birth by his grandfather and he later added 'Dust' to the name when his grandfather died in 2009.Apart from meaning that he is a Young Chimwala, the name 'Dust' also serves as homage to the dusty conditions of Area 25. Internationally, Nyaka Dust is influenced by Malcolm X, 2pac and Dr Dre.
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