Mabilinganya Empire
Genre Dancehall
City Lilongwe
Country Malawi


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Mabilinganya is a dancehall music group from Area 18 in Lilongwe. The group is made up of Mafunyeta, Black Sta, Mady P, Mad Doctor, Maovololo, Tamunyata, Macedonia, Flava and Malinga Mafia. Their songs are about Malawi ghetto life. The crew was formed in 2008 by dancehall artist Mafunyeta and Blac Sta. Their influences include Gaza Empire, Bounty Killa, TOK, Ward 21 and Mavado.

Albums (13)
Songs (26)
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SevenOmore SevenOmore - Ine Ndi Ghetto ft Fredokiss
Ine Ndi Ghetto (Hip Hop)
Magga Mw Magga Mw - Nyimbo (Prod. Asodzi & Dj Ok)
Nyimbo (Hip Hop)
WalyCris WalyCris - Igwe ft K Banton (Prod. Raj Records)
Igwe (Hip Hop)
Joe Kells Joe Kells - Belita [Joe Kells x Yang]
Belita (Afrobeat)
mAdA mAdA - Mama (Prod. Tricky Beats)
Mama (Afrobeat)
Drezycaan Drezycaan - Best Mama (Prod. Ronzo)
Best Mama (Dancehall)
BlameLess BlameLess - Mama
Mama (Dancehall)
J Col J Col - Ndekha (Prod. J Col)
Ndekha (Afrobeat)
Patience Namadingo Patience Namadingo - Wayima
Wayima (Acoustic)
Macia Macia - Ngati Dala
Ngati Dala (Afrobeat)

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