Mafia King
Genre Dancehall
City Lilongwe
Country Malawi


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Mafia king real name is joshua mtima mkhalipi the first born in the family and has 2 siblings. He was born on the 30th March 2000 at likuni hospital,, grew up in Chinsapo ghetto where he began to develop the love of music because he was always surrounded by friends who used to freestyle, set small performances and always spoke of music (dancehall that is) all the time. Due to this he also started to compose his own lyrics and had dreams of becoming one of the big artists not just locally but reaching out the international level. He did his junior section at Zomba police secondary school that’s where he got influenced musically more by some of his schoolmates ,guys like GREEN GHOST,BLACK FOXIE and MPHAXY B. He recorded his first song that was in 2013 and to most people who heard the song told him he had potential and he got motivated & kept pushing. From there, he did his senior section at Blantyre Bedir international high school that’s where he became part of the BIG SOUNDS MOVEMENT (thats when he transformed from young mafia to mafia king) that includes JMAJOR who is the director ,himself and Bobby cling .He has worked with different producers like TRICKY BEATS, MARTIN ANJELZ ,JK WARRIOR and YUNG SAM,, one of his songs that got a lot of people’s attention was KNOW WE BAD that he featured Ka Sir Blanca from ARCHAIDA UNIVERSE. The song was produced by MARTIN ANJELS and the video was short by DIR X UBWINO in 2018
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