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Released March 2017
Format MP3
Type Special
Added on Thursday, 09 March 2017
Genre Podcast
Number of discs 1
Edition date March 2017
Country Malawi
Label Mingoli FM


Producing Na lero For Nepman // Producing Mwano for Martse Featuring Kell Kay // Kodi Nyimbo Ya 'Village Champion' Ya Dan Lu Ndi Diss Track? Kodi Nyimbo Za Passada Sizitha? // Who are Tricky's Favorite Producers? People Mentioned: Dj Sley | BFB | Yesaya | Eril | Gaffar| Sispense | Tapps Bandawe | Bucci | Classmates Music | Stich Fray | W-Twice | Young Kay
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Kuledzela (Reggae)
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Kantoletole (Afrobeat)
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Self Starter Self Starter - Mtendere ft Bucci (prod by Blage & Propee)
Mtendere (Hip Hop)

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