Genre Dancehall
City Lilongwe
Country Malawi
Years active 2012 to date


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Livinton is a Malawian soulful and versitale reggae dancehall artiste from Africa. Who hails from the capital city of Malawi. He was born as Levton Nyirenda in the year of 1991, May 2 at Kamuzu Central hospital. He grew up listening to reggae music from Jamaica and some from Malawi, and he believes that reggae music is recognized by its lament like chanting and emphasizes the syncopated beat. He fell in love with the genre because of the strong messages that reggae stars brought, they expressed in words the pain, struggle, hope and emotion that felt by the average people. He came from the country where he feel reggae music is the right genre to listen to, and he said "we face struggle in real life, pain in real life and we need message of hope, we really need someone soulfully entertain us. When he was 12 he started practicing reggae and dancehall music, he recorded his first song when he was 13. He believes his music will go far beyond borders.
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Songs (13)
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