Kay Stevoh
Genre Dancehall
City Lilongwe
Country Malawi


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The lilongwe based reggae/dancehall artist born Steven Kapasule on 8 January 1997 in christian family. Kay Stevoh's passion for music was shown at church as he was a choir member and was recognised by the congregation that he has vocals. His first time to record in a studio was in 2012 by then he was a hip-hop artist. In 2013 Macedonia, Malinga Mafia and Govana encouraged him to start doing reggae/dancehall music. This was a huge task for stevoh but he took it rightly. In january 2014 he joined a dancehall group called Archaida Universe which is led by Malinga Mafia. Kay stevoh has worked with artists like Macedonia, Kasirblanca, Sane G(nyasa), Malinga Mafia, Slyvania, Dicto B and more
Albums (6)
Songs (9)
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