K Mbizo
Genre Hip Hop
City Blantyre
Country Malawi
Years active 2017


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Shadreck Khuveya also known by his stage name K MBIZO , is a Malawian rapper , Song writer and producer and has his own studio. He grew up in Blantyre where he started doing music at an early age of 9 but it became a career to him in 2014 after he finished his secondary school education. Growing up he used to listen to big local artists like Paul Banda , Bright Nkhata and some international acts like Michael Jackon and Akon , that is where he got his inspiration to become an artist. His stage name is derived from Khuveya , which is his surname shortened to one letter “K” , and M.B.I.Z.O is an abbreviation for Man Born In Zodiak Orbit meaning someone/thing that is unusual and rare. The rapper released his first song late 2016 titled “Ndikupase Chikondi” which he Produced himself (under Matching Sounds), with a female vocalist Sindie , the song caught a lot of people’s attention around the area he resides in, with the motivation from his peers and family members he then released and shot a video to his other Single Tittled “Halla” which opened a lot of doors for him. Currently he is still working on increasing his fan base and becoming better as an artist and a producer K Mbizo has been a headlining artist and an outstanding performer at most of the local shows in his area , the artist is yet to release his single that he has been working on tittled “100” in which he shows how much potential he has to make it big out there.
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