Genre RnB
City Blantyre
Country Malawi


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Heys is an R n B artist real name Hastings chitanda based in Blantyre. Heysc started doing music way back but started recording seriously in 2013. His music concentrates on social issues that happen to people each and every day in the society. Heysc has a strong passion for music and he believes that music is so powerful to change some one’s life if it is used positively. He also believes that in each and every life situation there is always a song which someone can relate to and feel comfortable listening to when they are in that situation, so that is what Heysc’s music will do to you when you listen to it.
Albums (3)
Songs (6)
Songs 4 Comments 0
Added on 18 March 2016
Released 2016
Format MP3
Type Single
N discs 1
Genre RnB
Kwanu Nkwanu
Songs 1 Comments 0
Added on 07 December 2018
Released 2018
Format MP3
Type Single
N discs 1
Label The Progress Music
Genre Hip Hop
Songs 1 Comments 0
Added on 18 December 2018
Released 2018
Format MP3
Type Single
N discs 1
Label Independent
Genre Afrobeat


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