Genre Gospel
City Lilongwe
Country Malawi
Years active 2012 to date


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FaySam is a Malawian music group consisting of Faith Malemia and Sam Mkagula. Faith is a singer and guitarist while Sam is a singer and pianist. This Lilongwe based gospel music duo plays a range of music genres including Afro-Jazz, local, R and B, Jazz, and Afro-Rock. FaySam have released a single titled NDIWABWINO of their yet to be released debut album. The group has played alongside Lawi and the Mango for more than two years and have traveled to places including United States of America, Kenya, and Botswana in their musical endevour. In this experience they have shared stage with both local and international artists including Faith Mussa, Jimmy Dludlu, and Ray Phiri. Amongst the many events that FaySam has also performed at the Sand Festival and Lake of Stars.
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Za Mpingo (Afrobeat)

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