Genre Afrobeat
City Blantyre
Country Malawi
Years active 3


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Known as the Dark Continent, Africa has gone ahead to produce some of the most exemplary artists that are appreciated worldwide. But what the world doesn't know is the magnitude of undiscovered talent that resides in the motherland, one of them being Tech.

From the warm heart of Africa, popularly known as Malawi, there dwells the world’s talented RnB artist and Africa’s best kept secret. A first born in family of four, Dalitso Nyirenda, popularly known as Tech due to his love for computing, always sets ears wagging with every single release from his growing music catalog. Even though it’s his hit song Tsemwe, released in 2013, that gave him the much needed break, the artist has gone ahead to prove that he has so much in store for Africa and the world at large.

Starting out as a rapper, Tech branched out to the RnB world after noticing that there were not as many singers in the Malawian industry as rappers. With an urge to contribute to the RnB field and an interest sparking from listening to his main inspirations; Neyo and Usher, he ventured into the game after realizing that he could actually sing very well. So far, he has been able to record around 18 tracks and release 5 of them to a positive reception. With songs such as Tsemwe, Namwali, Kodi Wavomera and Falling in Love getting a good reception by the public, he keeps on churning more amazing music.

Currently working on an Album to be released in June 2014 titled after the first single Tsemwe with features from some of Africa’s most prolific artists like Gwamba, Lady Pace, Flake, Tigris and many more, Tech is destined to make the motherland proud. Working with a couple of producers including Stich Fray of D&T Records, as well as the legendary Marcus of Lo Budget studios, the album will surely be a masterpiece.

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