Desert Eagle
Genre Afro-Pop
City Blantyre
Country Ghana


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Ghana-in born, Malawian raised record producer, songwriter and rapper Desert Eagle began his producing career strictly for Hip Hop acts in the early 2000's in Australia where he was at University and resulted in his début album Broken Silence,which he released both in Australia and Malawi.The album did well on the market and created a major buzz on the Hip Hop scene.In 2006, he made his mainstream breakthrough by producing the hit single Mtofhu alongside renown DJ Kenny Klips which topped the music charts and set the trend of a new style of Afro-Pop which many producers and artists have emulated in their music today. Desert Eagle, now based in Ghna has produced hits for many acts like Young Kay, Marco Sadik, Basement, Incyt, Mr.C, Don Dice, Kenny Klips, Maskal just to name a few and has three albums to his name. He is working on his fourth album in Ghana under his production imprint Orakle Music Group (OMG) which will be released globally mid this year.

Albums (12)
Songs (38)
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