Genre Hip Hop
City Lilongwe
Country Malawi


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Trap Squad favorite rapper Chavula.

Albums (6)
Songs (6)
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Recently added songs

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Justen Nyaude Justen Nyaude - Nthawi
Nthawi (Local)
BlessV BlessV - Umboni (Prod. Pon G)
Umboni (Afro-Pop)
R jai  R jai - Suntha [Lubwa Cover] ft Spar Boy
Suntha (Afrobeat)
Vespar Vespar - Agontha Nkhutu [Vespar & L-Trex] ft A-Cruks
Agontha Nkhutu (Hip Hop)
Wesley Wesley - Nsanje (Prod. Overstay)
Nsanje (Afrobeat)
Ghetto Vee Ghetto Vee - Girl Child (Prod. By VeNoM)
Girl Child (Rap)
EEZ EEZ - Its Been a Long Time
Its Been a Long Time (Hip Hop)
Lucius Banda Lucius Banda - Moyo Wa Msilikali
Moyo Wa Msilikali (Afrobeat)
SausthenesBfdv Hymnist SausthenesBfdv Hymnist - Sorry Forgive Me
Sorry Forgive Me (Gospel)
Unique Unique - Shake Your Bumpa (Prod. Blista)
Shake Your Bumpa (Dancehall)