Genre Dancehall
City Blantyre
Country Malawi


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BFB (Blaq falcon bird)rather known in the music world is actually Jeremy matewere. The Blantyre native, multitalented music artist is a songwriter, vocalist, rapper and producer who has is a wonder on the keyboard.
BFB comes from a family of no musician so he had to go along way with the music thing. His passion for music took off in the year 2006.
Before he took up Music, BFB was fond of writing senseless scripts and drawing till he was introduced to hiphop music which inspired him to be the artist we know today. Advocating emotions, love, encouragement and day to day life stories in his message through music
BFB considers himself as a poet with ‘poetic deliverance’ in his vocals and production as he experiments with different genres to create a signature sound relevant to his surrounding at the moment as he says “You have to do what you got to do to make them understand this life”, that is why his lyrics are mostly targeting things happening now our days to sensitize the youth and the elders the evils of this life

Albums (19)
Songs (38)
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